The first Tuesday in October is National Night out in our area. National Night Out has been taking place for many years, and was started to bring communities closer together to combat distrust and crime in neighborhoods.

Communities will hold parties, parades, festivals and other amazing events with the goal of bringing the people of the area closer together.

National Night Out is also used to bring people closer to the police that protect them. The new Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond will be visiting several of the National Night Out events this evening. If you wish to shake hands with, and meet the new Chief, a list has been provided below to help you out.

Have fun and be safe! Happy National Night Out!

See Below for the list on National Night Out Block Parties that Chief Raymond will be attending.
1)  1515  Clay St. - A
2)  4300 Illinois St. (Chris Hayes Community) - F
3)  6309 Frondosa Drive - G
4)  414 Brushy Bayou Blvd. - E
5)  Provenance - D
6)  100 Chelsea Dr. - C
7)  1706 Hollywood (Paradise Baptist) - B

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