On Wednesday afternoon (September 27), Cher's Malibu residence was the scene of chaos, as patrol cars, a fire truck and an ambulance swarmed the pop legend's oceanside mansion.

Though the presence of authorities and paramedics should indicate a state of emergency, thankfully it was not a threatening encounter. As TMZ reports, the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. arrived at the home with a search warrant and arrested someone inside for a drug-related offense. The paramedics were called in case things got violent.

The perpetrator ended up being Donovan Ruiz, the 23-year-old son of one of Cher's assistants. He was taken into custody in connection with the fatal overdose of a Venture County resident in mid-September and later charged with supplying narcotics to someone who died. He had been living in the singer's house.

Thankfully, Cher was not home to witness the ordeal. She's currently on tour and had a show scheduled in Australia.


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