In recent years, Shreveport's Centenary College has taken several steps to become a "greener" and more sustainable campus.  

Now, the Department of Public Safety at the College has taken steps to contribute to that effort with the recent purchase of two pieces of equipment.

The first is an EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator.  It literally pulls water from the humidity in the air; passes it through several filters to purify it; then sterilizes that water with ultraviolet light.  The results are pure drinking water and a less-humid office.  The equipment is said to be so efficient that it can process more than eight gallons of water every day.

Now, instead of buying bottled water at the store, the college's public safety officers use refillable BPA-free bottles to stock up on water.  This way, they can keep themselves hydrated while performing their duties around the campus.  What's more, the generator can serve as a back-up water source in case of emergency.

And that's where the second piece of equipment comes into play.  It's called a Solar ePower CUBE or, to put it another way, a portable solar generator.  Its internal battery is charged by using five fold-out solar panels.  Once charged, it can run AC, DC, or USB devices from anywhere on the campus.  The DPS says this will allow its officers to keep all of their equipment functioning in the event of a power outage and to maintain a mobile command center.  As an added bonus, it can also be used to provide power during outdoor campus events.

(A special thank you to Strategic Communication Director Kate Pedrotty for the information)