Just when all the gamblers (like me) were getting excited about the prospect of casinos here in our great state, it appears those hopes and dreams are about to be shot down.

Monday was the deadline for this bill to be voted on, and Monday has come and gone...without a vote. Because of that, it's going to make it very difficult for it to get through this years legislation, meaning we're going to most likely have to wait at least another year before this could become a reality.

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There is some good news in all of this. Las Vegas Sands said they are committed to this for the long haul here in Texas, and say they've made great strides this year in the state. Feedback on the concept has been "overwhelmingly positive" so it gives reason to think we could eventually have these resorts pop up in Texas.

In case you missed what's happening, Las Vegas Sands is working on building what they call "destination resorts" in the 4 major cities in Texas. These resorts would be fully functioning casinos, minus sports betting which is a whole other beast, full with rooms, suites and all the amenities you'd find in a casino in say Las Vegas.

The absolute drop dead date is May 31, and Governor Greg Abbott has been relatively receptive to the idea of having them here, so if you're like me, you're holding your breath it gets a jolt, but don't hold your breath for too long. We should probably just look forward to next year and hope for it then.

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