Be on the lookout for scammers calling around once again trying to trick you into giving them thousands of dollars. They're pretending to be with the IRS telling you that an arrest warrant has been issued for you due to not paying taxes and your only hope is to hire a lawyer and go to Washington DC or you can send them gift cards to Walmart... Needless to say the IRS isn't interested in your Walmart gift cards!

This scam isn't new by any means but after they tried to get me I felt it's important to remind people not to fall for it. Other like scams include ITunes gift cards and sending money via Western Union or any other bank wire transfers. In fact the IRS will never call you on the phone demanding any sort of payment and you'll always be given the chance to appeal any amount owed.

I had one of these calls and was told to go to Walmart, listen below to what happened next... It's ok to mess with scammers like this because the more time of theirs you waste the less people they can scam!

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