Drivers in Louisiana are about to see their auto insurance go up again.

It's actually happening all across the country, but Louisiana will be hit especially hard.

So what's the reason for the increase? Rates are going up across the country due to distracted driving, low gas prices and high prices for auto repairs. However, Louisiana has some specific reasons keeping our auto insurance at one of the highest in the country.

According to insurance experts, there are a lot of uninsured motorists along with a lot of stolen vehicles in the state, and we're all paying for that.

14 percent of Louisiana drivers do not have insurance and 40 percent have the bare minimum policy.

Additionally, another state issue has been the flooding events of the last couple of years. In particular, the 2016 Baton Rouge flood left 65,000 insured cars totaled, which ended up costing insurance companies $700 million.

However you slice it, we'll all end up paying more for car insurance this year. Insurance rate increase will be based on your insurance company, your type of car and your zip code.


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