I won't lie... I wouldn't mind looking like Melania Trump!

As girls, we all do it. We stare at photos of gorgeous women for hours wishing we would look like them. Hoping that the longer and more intense our stare, the more likely our faces will morph into theirs through osmosis. The beauty pressures of the world make it difficult to just fall in love with out own looks.

It's sad.

For one Texas woman, it's more than just looking like someone else. It's about embracing her inner "first lady." Claudia Sierra, of Cypress, is a cancer survivor and she underwent eight different procedures this past week in order to make her look like Melania Trump. According to Fox News, those procedures include "breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, Brazilian buttock lift and an eyelid lift."

After seeing the video below, I found myself wanting to look like Claudia. She's stunning!

Her plastic surgeon says he has had many people ask to look like Ivanka Trump, but he's hearing more requests for Melania's look.

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