Surviving McKamey Manor haunted house might sound a little extreme, but ask anyone who has actually endured the sheer, violent torture and that's exactly how they'll describe it.

But actually making it through the "Survival Horror Challenge" could earn you $20,000.  However, no one has ever cashed in and won before.  In fact, not one single person has ever completed the entire McKamey experience.  Just let that resonate for a minute.  McKamey Manor has been around over 10 years now and NOT ONE person has EVER completed the entire experience.  What's worse is that potential attendees are constantly told before they ever start, "You really do not want to do this."  However, it's reported that McKamey Manor has a waiting list over three years long.

We have some incredible haunted houses and corn mazes here in Northwest Louisiana, but thankfully none could or would leave you physically or mentally damaged just for attending.  But that's not the case with McKamey Manor.   This video from Atomic Thomas tells us that McKamey Manor's experience doesn't end until the cast deems the attendee has finally reached a physical or emotional breaking point.

Originally located in San Diego, California, McKamey Manor now has two new homes just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and in Huntsville, Alabama.  And unlike most other haunted houses, McKamey Manor isn't just open around Halloween, it's open year round on most all weekends.

Most don't even describe it as a "haunted house" but more a "torture chamber" where attendees are told in advance that they will leave with minor cuts and bruises and probably some psychological challenges.

According to

Videos on McKamey's website show terrified participants bound and gagged, covered in dirt and substances that look like blood. They're often shown begging to leave, while actors dressed like horror-movie villains scream in their faces. Some shriek and sob as snakes or insects crawl across their bodies; others cry for help while it appears they're about to drown or be buried alive.


According to

McKamey Manor is described as “a nonprofit haunted house or ‘extreme haunt.’” It was founded and run by retired U.S. Navy man Russ McKamey. Judging by the testimonies of participants, the house is more akin to a voluntary torture chamber. It’s less about ghosts and more into extreme physical and emotional discomfort.

Beginning in his own home in San Diego, California, McKamey picked up and moved his “extreme haunt” to facilities near Huntsville, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee in 2017.

McKamey Manor even requires attendees pass physical and mental checks and to pass background checks and drug tests.  Here's the list of requirements on their website.

1. 21 and above, or 18-20 with parents approval.

2. Completed "Sports Physical" and  Doctors letter stating you are physically and  mentally cleared.

3.  Pass a background check provided by MM.

4. Be screened via FB face time or phone.

5. Proof of medical insurance.

6. Sign a detailed 40 page waiver.

7. Pass a portable drug test on the day of the show.

Think you're up for the challenge?  Entry fee isn't cash.  Just donations of dog food.  Just check out this video from McKamey Manor and try to book a trip.  Just remember, it might be a few years before your name comes up.

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