A traffic stop on Youree Drive more than five months ago leads to a windfall for the Shreveport Police Department.

Caddo Parish District Attorney James E. Stewart presented a forfeiture check for more than $21,000 to senior SPD leaders at Shreveport Police Headquarters this morning.

According to a news release from the DA's Office, the check represents forfeiture proceeds from a traffic stop conducted by Shreveport police on Youree Drive last September. Officers arrested people for committing identity theft and preparing fake Louisiana and Texas driver's licenses, Social Security cards and resident alien cards.

"We have come up with forfeiture money even before the defendant's case has been dealt with," Stewart said. "We wanted to turn this money over to the Shreveport Police Department. We know they can use it. Hopefully, there will be more to come."

SPD Chief Administrative Assistant Bill Goodin said the money will be used for Crime Challenge purposes, ranging from training to body camera purchases.

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