A jury  heard closing arguments in the trial for Stephn Baldwin's lawsuit against fellow actor, Kevin Costner. Costner and his business partner are accused of cheating Baldwin and his friend out of millions of dollars in a BP contract.
kevin costner

The lawsuit is filed over the actors' multi-million dollar business dispute in the aftermath of of the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lawyers for Costner and his business partner, Patrick Smith, rested their case today.

Jurors heard closing arguments after testimony from a plaintiffs' rebuttal witness.  Jurors have heard eight days of testimony for the suit, which accuses Costner and Smith of duping Baldwin and friend Spyridon Contogouris over their investments in an oil cleaup device that BP used after the spill.

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 Baldwin testified Monday he would have held out for much more money if he had known BP had agreed to order 32 centrifuges.

Plaintiffs' attorney James Cobb told jurors they probably see the case as a "bunch of rich people fighting over money I'll never, ever see."

 Cobb said his clients deserve to be compensated for being lied to by Costner and business partner Patrick Smith and defrauded out of their fair share of the BP money.

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