Today marks 10 years since Clinton Devon Nelson went missing from Princeton.

Last year, his mother, Carolyn Johnson traveled from South Dakota to put flyers up around the Bossier area in the hopes of finding out what happened to her son. In a video recorded by the Bossier Sheriff's Office in 2015, she said there have been varying stories about what happened that night.

"All we know is that he was at this party and supposedly left. Some say that he took off running, some say that he got into a car and left with someone else," Johnson said. "We do believe that there's foul play involved, and I firmly believe that there's someone that knows exactly what happened and exactly where he's at."

She said there have been lots of stories and rumors, some very difficult to hear. One of them is that Clinton may have been robbed or killed. Another is that he died at the party and someone disposed of his body. She said she knows something happened during or after that party, and she's certain he didn't just walk away.

Johnson also said her goal has never been to see anyone get arrested or go to jail, it's always been to bring her son home and give him a proper burial.

"Every time remains are found, I go on what's called the Body Watch, and I wait to find out if it's my son," she said. "It means I relive, my family relives, his child relives, every time it happens."

A reward of up to $20,000 is being offered for information that can lead to Nelson's whereabouts. Just call the Bossier Sheriff's Office at 318-965-2203 or Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100.

Here's video from Carolyn Johnson's visit to Bossier Parish in 2015:



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