Bossier sheriff's deputies really do go above and beyond the call of duty.

A 6-year-old Haughton boy went through the worst experience of his young life, when he suffered a vicious mauling from a 160-pound Great Dane in late August. He went to the emergency room, then to intensive care, with a fractured skull and lacerations requiring hundreds of stitches.

Deputy Richard Adkins and Lt. Larry Mason responded to Eddie's parents' frantic 911 call.

"It was pretty horrific. There was blood everywhere. The dog's owner was present at the time, and she tackled that 160-pound dog to get him off the boy," Adkins said in a news release. "In my view, the dog's owner was a hero, because that boy surely would have died, if she hadn't done that."

Sheriff Julian Whittington says his deputies performed an act of kindness that typifies the kind of people at the agency.

"While Eddie was in intensive care, the deputies came to visit him," Whittington said. "During the visit, Adkins asked Eddie if he'd like them to come to visit when he got home. The boy said, 'Yes,' and Adkins asked him if he'd like him to bring him anything. Eddie said, 'Yes, a big ice cream with all the colors.'"

So that's what Adkins did. He brought him a large Neapolitan ice cream cone, and a little doggie beanbag chair, so Eddie could sit on the dog's head and eat his ice cream. Deputies Steve Hoff and David Alexander, as well as Lt. Mason, also stopped by to cheer up the little guy.

Eddie had one word to describe his visits from the deputies and the gifts they brought him...."Awesome."


Photo: Lt. Larry Mason


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