A bill mandating trauma training for all public-school teachers, counselors, and administrators passed unanimously through House Education. Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson’s bill requires instruction on how to recognize childhood trauma and address their needs.

“Trauma’s one of the leading causes in our state, and in the rural areas, of children, not optimizing their experience in their learning. And so, I believe it will protect students not only at school but at home,” said Jackson.

Jackson said the one-hour class will be taught during in-service days for instructors so it will not be an unfunded mandate on education. Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg questioned if one hour was enough to instruct such a class. Jackson expressed she hopes class time will be extended in the future when they can dedicate funding for the class. Freiberg praised Jackson’s efforts.

“Thank you for bringing this bill, it’s very good,” said Freiberg.

New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman also voiced support of the bill and Jackson’s forethought to have the training added to the current in-service structure for educators.

“Obviously especially with COVID and kids being not in their regular routines for a lot of kids, school is their safety net if they’re in an abusive household,” said Freeman.

Jackson said the bill is also endorsed by First Lady Donna Edwards. Senate Bill 211 now heads to the house floor for final debate.

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