Some of the anglers participating in next year's Bassmaster Classic, being held on the Red River here in Shreveport-Bossier, are braving the chilly temperatures this week -- looking for that perfect spot to fish in the tournament. I talked with 2011 BASS Federation Champion Jamie Horton from Alabama, who says he's staying through the weekend. He says he decided to wait til this colder time of year because it's closer to what February temperatures will be. He says the water early next year will be on a warming trend, so the fish will be more active than they are now. Horton says the anglers who have been in town this week aren't as concerned about CATCHING fish as they are about scoping out the areas where they might WANT to fish...and figuring out how to best get to them. The anglers will be competing for a $500,000 prize February 24th through 26th. We'll be bringing you all the details about that as the Classic gets a little closer.

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