Honestly, who knew stopping a dangerous bank robber could be so easy?

I couldn't imagine being a bank teller when the unthinkable happens. Masked men barge in and demand piles of cash. I am such a wuss, I get nervous by simply envisioning that happening to me.

Naturally, since I am indeed a wuss, I don't think i would do anything other that lay on the ground and beg for my life. This next guy is a modern day hero.

A bank employee in Mexico stood in the lobby and watched as three masked robbers made their way towards the doors. He could tell they were coming for the cash, and he damn sure wasn't going to let them in. So what does he do? Does he kick their butts ninja-style? Does he pull out a glock and cap a sucker? Nah, he ain't about that life.

Instead, he does something truly remarkable, unthinkable even....

He locks the doors.


The robbers seemed mystified by the gutsy move, so they simply acknowledged they lost the battle then turned around and left.

You have to see this!


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