My daughter and I had our first-ever ArtBreak experience Saturday afternoon, and we had a great time creating all sorts of art projects.

We got to the Shreveport Convention Center at a little after 4:30 p.m., and the place was bustling with kids and adults alike. Our first stop was the painting table. My 7-year-old daughter Emma loves to paint, and she made a second visit to that station before we left.

She painted Batman and owl pictures, and created one of her own -- Ariel from The Little Mermaid (since we'd just come from a fantastic Stage Center performance of that musical.)

At our next stop, Emma made a parachute out of a decorated coffee filter, yarn and a paper cup. Then, on to the beret creating station. We were given a circluar piece of felt and a needle with elastic thread on it. I did most of the sewing, while she decorated the top with a pom-pom, a pipe cleaner, beads and a safety pin. I think it turned out great!

We both made birds out of foam clay, various feathers, buttons and washers, and a nest made out of a paper lunch sack. We also made magnolias out of the same kind of clay. In between projects, Emma took a minute to help some other kids create an obstacle course out of foam blocks.

Some of Emma's other creations were a kazoo made from two tongue depressors, rubber bands and small pieces of straw, and a boat made from a paper hat, a straw and cardboard. The best part was that not only did she get to be artistic, she also learned the science behind her creations -- what makes them all work.

While we were creating our masterpieces, there was entertainment going on at both ends of the room. We heard some young folks singing "This Little Light of Mine" and a large group of kids playing a variety of instruments and singing some mainstream pop hits. Both were amazing!

To top all of that off, there was art all over the place created by young people right here in our community. We saw everything from pottery to paintings to paper mache, and you would not believe how skilled these kids are.

Take a look at photos from the event:

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