LSU Director Athletics Joe Alleva made an in-season switch for the LSU football Tigers. Could a similar move be in the near future for the LSU basketball program? The Tiger's have not had a stellar beginning to their Southeastern Conference schedule. The team is 1 and 4 in conference games They've lost three in a row all by double-digit margins.

Is this just an early season stumble or is coach Johnny Jones about to need a real estate agent and a moving van? Glen Guilbeau covers LSU hoops for the USA Today Network and he told the Louisiana Radio Network,

It's my feeling something could happen mid-season if they keep playing, like they are playing, because they are not only losing lot, they are losing by a lot of points in each game and just don't look good.

In a world where what have you done for me lately is the norm it is not surprising that Jones position as head coach would be considered in jeopardy. In his five-year tenure with the Tigers, he has only guided the team to the NCAA Tournament one time. Last year the team failed to make the postseason even with the top professional pick on the team.

If you look at the talent he's brought in, they haven't done a lot with it and that's how I'm looking at it.

As you might imagine the interest in Tiger basketball pales in comparison to the LSU football program. However, even those die-hard basketball fans are beginning to lose patience as attendance for home games has been on the decline.

One can only imagine the state of the program and the prospects for the future will weigh heavily on the outcome of the next few games the Tigers on tap. Up next for LSU is a Wednesday night tilt in Auburn Alabama against the Auburn Tigers.


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