Louisiana AG Jeff Landry talks about the LSU mask mandate...who has to follow the rules and who doesn't.

The AG was responding to an open letter sent to "the LSU community" by university President Tom Galligan that has caused some confusion about what will or won't be required on campus in Baton Rouge this fall.

In the letter Galligan writes that "in an abundance of caution, to keep the mask mandate in place at this time. This means that masks will still be required on campus while indoors, and within 6 feet of others outdoors."
Tuesday morning the Office of the President attempted to clarify the letter, specifically regarding events like LSU football games. KEEL News was told that masks "will not be required at outdoor sporting events."
But what about the legality of any mask - or even vaccination - mandate by the school? "The Governor's executive order and the CDC...eliminated mask wearing," says Landry, expressing disbelief at the letter, "I'm dead serious. I'm literally thinking about sending someone over there and writing them a summons and every time I see (Galligan) I'm going to write him...a summons, because this really is ridiculous."
And Landry is just as blunt in a reference to a call by some professors for strict mask and vaccination mandates for students. "Those professors need to get back to work. If they want to wear their masks, let them wear their masks. But imposing this on all these young people is absolutely ridiculous.
"It's about indoctrination. It has nothing to do with common sense, safety or science. That school is in implosion mode right now."
Landry then specifically addresses the Galligan mask order and offers a suggestion to LSU students. "What I'd really like to see is some great lawyers around the state...to take some of these kids' cases. Under Louisiana's Constitution they have rights. It's high time we stand up to these clowns."


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