It's only the second weekend of the college football season, but that's not too early to project post-season bowls...right? The 2019 Walk-On's Independence Bowl will kickoff December 26th at 3pm local time at Independence Stadium in Shreveport. You'll be able to hear the game on 1130 The Tiger in Shreveport and Bossier once again.

This year's Walk-On's Independence Bowl will feature a lot of "last times". This will be the last time Walk-On's will sponsor the game, abandoning Shreveport's bowl game after three years. This will be the last time the match up should feature the SEC vs ACC, as both conferences will move to new bowl aliments without the Indy Bowl being involved.


Sadly, just looking at the layout of the two conferences, we're probably not going to see an SEC team in the final year of their agreement with the Indy Bowl. The SEC will likely not have enough teams to fill their bowl agreements yet again, but the ACC might be able to fill their commitments, though it might come down to the final weekend of the season to find out. But seriously, after two weeks, they have 6 teams that are 2-0, and only one with a threat of being a Playoff team. They will probably have enough 6 wins teams to meet their bowl needs.

By the way, don't think we're crazy for looking at this already. Because we're not alone.

There are a few national publications who are already doing the same. In fact, College Football News is with us in thinking that the ACC will be able to fill their side, but that the SEC won't be able to. Their current projections have Syracuse vs. Tulane.

Tulane is out of the American Conference, who has one of the secondary agreements with the Indy Bowl. Conference USA has the other secondary agreement with the game. Last year Temple filled a secondary spot, representing the American Conference, so it would be more likely that a Conference USA team would get the call this year. That is, if Conference USA has enough teams.

Just based on where things are after 2 weeks, we're going to say the ACC will get a team in, and even though they have just 1 win, we're going to have some wishful thinking and say Louisville will represent the conference in Shreveport.

We'll say that Conference USA will have enough teams, and we'll also exert our wishful thinking with a 1-win team there. We want Louisiana Tech.

So right now, our prediction (more like a wish) is Louisville vs. Louisiana Tech

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