Join the Friends of Bossier City Animal Control this Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 10am-3pm at Bossier City Animal Control, 3217 Old Shed Road in Bossier City and at PetSmart on Beene Boulevard in Bossier!

If you're looking for a new faithful companion, look no further than Bossier City Animal Control. Robinson's Rescue will be on hand with plenty of spay/neuter vouchers! Check out the latest album of adoptable dogs here!

I personally adopted an approximately 5-year-old English Mastiff from Bossier City Animal Control in early November. While it's only been a few months, Cajun has blossomed and I can't imagine our family without him even though we have five dogs now! With that said, four of our five dogs are adopted, the fifth was a gift. My personal thought on the subject is that you should always adopt and then spay and neuter. Who needs a pure bred dog with papers unless you're going to the Westminster Dog Show? There are dozens of dogs and cats just waiting to make you their personal hero now at the shelter!

Courtesy of the Friends of Bossier City Animal Control