We all know tons of stories about Shreveport being haunted. The Municipal Auditorium is one of the most well known hauntings in the entire state. There are stories of restaurants being haunted, schools being haunted, and essentially every kind of building in Shreveport having a haunted story.

But how often do we hear about movies sets that hare haunted? Well, I guess anything filming at Centenary College fits that. But it's not often overall. But we've got one for you here...and its a horror movie too.

The movie Room 203 was filmed in Downtown Shreveport back in 2020. It was during the pandemic, so it was a rushed, closed, and careful filming. According to interviews, the filming lasted 19 days, and was under pandemic restrictions. Even with all of the issues they had, the movie still has some good reviews online. Check out the trailer here:

Now the interesting part about the filming comes from the lead actress Francesca Xuereb. During one of her interviews promoting the movie, she mentions two details about the filming in Downtown Shreveport that really caught our attention. Here's the segment from the interview:

"The shoot was unforgettable, the Room 203 cast and crew was so close, and I’ve never experienced anything like that before or after. We were working during the pandemic, and we had 19 days to make a feature, and despite all of that we were always in high spirits spending all of our downtime together. Also, during the shoot we were being haunted. The producers found a dead body on set a few days before starting shooting, and we had so much paranormal activity going on behind the scenes which only brought us all closer together."

So we tried to find any coverage of a body being found at the movie site, but we couldn't find any news releases from that period. But we have to consider a couple of things: 1. we don't get a new release of every dead body found by the Shreveport Police (if no foul play is suspected, not much reason) 2. this was DEEP in the pandemic, and there was a lot of stuff going on.

Whether or not we can prove any of this, the fact the actress is openly admitting to the paranormal events during filming is pretty interesting. We already know there are plenty of hauntings around the downtown area, so we're not shocked by this. But we are interested.

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