Mixed emotions today for the staff at Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary. Co-owner Jenny Senier says 28-year-old lioness "Snagglepuss" died of natural causes yesterday. She arrived at Yogie and Friends July 15th, 2002, with another lioness "Snaggletooth" and lion "Leo." The three lived 17 years in a garage in Texas before being rescued and brought to the Frierson sanctuary. Now, the entire "Leo Pride" is gone. On a happier note, though...Moses the lion is six years old today. You might remember him as the product of a failed vassectomy -- which happened about a year before the surprise birth of "Tracy" at Chimp Haven. Senier says while there's assurance that another birth won't happen at Yogie, the sanctuary is proud to have Moses. She says he's turned into quite a magnificent animal, with an unusual mane Yogie staffers have never seen on a lion. So...farewell, Snagglepuss...and Happy Birthday, Moses!