The elderly may seem like easy targets to thieves, but as this story shows, that isn’t always the case. On Monday, an unidentified 90-year-old California woman teamed up with a good Samaritan to chase down a mugger who robbed her outside a convenience store. Is this the beginning of a new crime fighting duo?

Robb Revelli, 36, was inside an Arco Convenience store in Oakland when he witnessed a man tackle a five-foot-tall, 88-pound elderly woman and steal her wallet.

“She was screaming because she was in pain, and yelling about her hip,” said Revelli. “I was worried she was seriously injured, but luckily, she was okay.”

Revelli immediately came to the elderly woman’s aid and offered to drive her to the hospital. But she seemed more in the mood for vigilante justice instead. So, the two jumped in Revelli’s car and began speeding after the criminal.

After pursuing the thief into a nearby neighborhood, Revelli jumped two fences and caught 27-year-old Damarea Johnson in the backyard of a home, putting him in a headlock until police arrived.

According to Revelli, he was motivated by a sense of outrage and a desire to make the criminal pay. (If that doesn’t sound like a superhero origin story, we don’t know what does.)

“I’ve lived in Oakland my whole life, and unfortunately,  it is common around here,” he said. “I got so angry about it, and I knew that I was going to catch him. I don’t know who gets a thought like that, to attack an elderly person. It makes me feel sick.”

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