We've all been less than pleased with our experience at a retail store before.  It can be annoying, irritating, and sometimes downright insulting - but at the end of the day, the "nuclear" option at your disposal is giving the manager a piece of your mind.

That wasn't severe or weird enough for 71 year old Nelson Lentz.  Mr. Lentz hails from Monroe Louisiana, and that's where he felt like he got the wrong end of the stick (so to speak).  Nelson was shopping at Books-A-Million when he had, in his words a "bad experience."  He decided that speaking with customer service just wouldn't do.  He would have to go to extremes to make his point.

According to The Smoking Gun, Lentz kept coming back to the store to leave dildos in the religious literature section of the store.  If you were going to leave them in any part of the store, it seems like it should be the do-it-yourself section.  Nelson told police that he just happened to have extras laying around.  .....OK.

He is being charged with Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespassing after confessing to the crime.  After paying a $700 fine, Mr. Lentz is free to continue his "reading."


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