One man is aiming to breathe new life into Shreveport's film industry. That man is Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson (who we will call 50 Cent for ease and understanding).

Its been 20 years since 50 Cent founded his G-Unit Films company, which has evolved into G-Unit Films & Television. Adding the dimension of TV and streaming projects to the portfolio has helped push the company into a whole new atmosphere. Which has brought on agreements with large companies, like the recent deal 50 Cent struck with Fox earlier this year. That deal came after he was able to leave his previous agreement with Starz, even though some of his projects remain with their brand.

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Not long after the deal was announced between Fox and G-Unit, rumors started swirling around Shreveport that 50 Cent was in town and looking to secure a production studio in the city. That speculation was fueled by photos, videos, and comments made by 50 Cent on his social media channels. While local sources were also talking up the potential of G-Unit coming to Shreveport.

Just a few weeks ago, the City of Shreveport started the process to authorize a lease agreement with 50 Cent's company for the Millennium Studios compound in Downtown Shreveport. Even though there was a very small amount of pushback from isolated community members, and a huge dose of skepticism from others, the deal has now been completed...and 50 Cent seemed excited to post about it right away.

Along with some photo-shop work on the sign in front of the studio, 50 Cent posted the following comment:

"All Roads lead to Shreveport if you ready to work in film and television. G-unit studios Is officially in Louisiana."

This is huge for the filming community in our area. A community that was once built up on the backs of major studio filming productions, but was quickly abandoned as politicians decided they weren't getting their cut. The remains of that industry still exist here, with occasional productions popping up, and many who came to our region for work in the industry started families here.

That whole concept isn't lost on 50 Cent. After his initial post online, 50 Cent posted another statement, talking about the significance of the vote to approve his agreement.

The post read:

"The significance of this picture is great, a Republican mayor's office and a democratic majority City Council have never voted unanimously together on anything. This picture is historic this day actually represents the future of Shreveport, betting on me is not a gamble, it’s a sure thing."

For the skeptics that may remain in the community about this deal, the fact that 50 Cent knows the intricacies of the city government should signal his level of interest in the community. Through this process, he has seemed very aware of what Shreveport is, and what this would mean for the area.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Ordered To Appear In Hartford Bankruptcy Court
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With 50 Cent's extensive resume in film and TV production, it seems like Shreveport is on the verge of bringing back much of that work. During the last 20 years, while still acting, touring, and making music, 50 Cent has produced at least 8 movies, and over 170 episodes of TV productions. Not to mention the music videos he has produced.

Don't forget about the existing deal with Fox to bring them shows in multiple different formats. So its not just about what 50 Cent has already done, but what he already has on the horizon. It doesn't feel like 2024 will be a ramp up year in Shreveport for G-Unit, it feels like they're planning to hit the ground running.

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