A couple of months ago I blogged about five crazy laws in Louisiana that you may have unwittingly broken.  For example, it's illegal in the Pelican State to steal crawfish from a crawfish farm, which totally makes sense for Louisiana.  Not so much for Texas.  So what are some laws peculiar to the state of Texas that could trip you up without you even knowing it?  Here are 5 of them.


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    Criminals must give their victims 24 hour notice.

    You read it right.  A new anti-crime law was recently enacted in the Lone Star State which mandates that criminals must give 24-hour oral or written notice to their intended victim, including the nature of the crime to be committed.

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    You can't milk your neighbor's cow.

    In Texas this udderly ridiculous law is still on the books.  It is unlawful to milk another person's cow.

  • Robin Jones, Getty Images
    Robin Jones, Getty Images

    You must believe in a Supreme Being in order to hold public office.

    There's no religious test required, but you must acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being of some sort to be eligible to hold public office in Texas.

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    In Texarkana, you must have lights on your horse.

    Neighsayers notwithstanding, it is illegal in Texarkana to ride a horse without tail lights at night.

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    Stephen Morton/Getty Images

    You must be sitting or lying down to drink more than three sips of beer.

    It is against the law in Texas to take more than three swigs of beer at one single time while in a standing position.  Apparently swimming and guzzling beer are OK.

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