When I saw a picture of 4 year old Taylor's Halloween costume I laughed so hard and showed everyone around. Taylor is only 4 but he has known all 50 states for over a year. He loves working on his state puzzle, and last time I ran into Taylor and his family at a coffee shop, he claimed his favorite state was Louisiana! According to Taylor's mom, Shelby "His favorite state changes every time we do his United States puzzle but right now it’s Maine, because it’s the top state. Alaska isn’t on his radar." Shelby joked.

Most 4 year old's want to be a super hero, or their favorite cartoon character, but not Taylor. "It was Taylor’s idea to be a 'dancing balloon'. We pass one at an auto repair place every day on our way to school and he thinks it’s so cool. So I actually just googled 'dancing inflatable man costume' and saw something that said to use pop up laundry hampers but like everything on the internet it was easier pinned than done." said Taylor's super Mom. "We sewed some tassels and some sleeves and added them to a t shirt and the body is two pop up laundry hampers sewn together with holes for his arms and a mouth for him to see out of. It was definitely a challenge figuring out where to cut the holes because he would never stay still for very long. Once we got it all made we had to figure out how it was going to stay on so Nathan (Taylor's dad) designed some straps to go on the inside that would let it rest on his shoulders." Even Taylor's grandma got involved, she was the sewing master. The family effort payed off, Taylor won Halloween when it came it creativity and his family only spent $17 total making Taylor's dream a reality. Can someone get Taylor a trophy for making our day with all the cuteness?

Have you ever had to create a costume for someone? Was it easy? Tell us in the comments below.

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