Harrison County authorities believe they've made a significant cocaine haul Sunday along I-20, near Marshall. 

Trooper Josh Roraback stopped a vehicle on I-20, eastbound, for a traffic violation. Upon contacting the driver of the vehicle, he believed he had a vehicle transporting illegal contraband. Authorities say the information that the driver, 38-year-old Annette Alvarez gave to the Trooper did not make sense.  

KETX is reporting she stated she was going to Lake Charles, Louisiana, but officials say she was on the wrong interstate.  She also reportedly told the Trooper that she thought she was on I-10.   

Trooper Roraback contacted Harrison County K-9 deputy Randy Payne, who came to the scene because the Trooper smelled what he believed to be fresh paint coming from the interior of the vehicle, as if the vehicle had been recently modified.  Deputy Payne arrived and also smelled what he believed to be fresh paint coming from the vehicle's interior.  Deputy Payne then conducted a walk-around of the vehicle with K-9 Rusty.  Rusty alerted on the right front fender.  The Deputy and Trooper opened the hood and reportedly found a false compartment loaded with approximately 39 pounds of what appeared to be cocaine. 

Alvarez was arrested and placed in jail; the vehicle was then impounded for evidence. 

Alvarez had with her a 13-year-old girl who was later identified as her daughter. The daughter was released to Child Protective Services.

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