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To quote the old adage that perfectly suits us here in Northwest Louisiana, "It's not the heat. It's the damn heat."

We officially entered into the Hades portion of summer and for the next several weeks, temperatures and the heat indexes will be dangerously high. Heat advisories will become nearly laughable, as most of us, after hearing that the National Weather Service has issued one, will think to ourselves, "Well, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out."

If this is your first summer here in the Shreveport area, yes, I'm sorry, it does get like this every year. In fact, it's actually been pretty mild so far this year, so, in actuality, we're getting off a little light since it's just now hitting us.

With that in mind, I was thinking that maybe a little humor might help to get you through this staggering heat wave.

It's 20 of Shreveport's Most Favorite "It's So Hot" Jokes

  • It's so hot, my thermometer goes up to "Are you kidding me?"
  • It's so hot, Optimus Prime transformed into an air conditioner
  • It's so hot, I saw a cop chasing a thief and they were both walking
  • It's so hot, your clothes will iron themselves
  • It's so hot, even my ex-wife's heart is melting
  • It's so hot, firecrackers light themselves
  • It's so hot, even the artificial flowers are dying
  • It's so hot, I saw the devil in Wal-Mart buying an air conditioner
  • It's so hot, I saw a funeral procession pull through a Dairy Queen
  • It's so hot, you can wash and dry your clothes at the same time
  • It's so hot, I saw a chicken lay an omelette
  • It's so hot, now we can make Instant sun tea
  • It's so hot, catfish are already fried when you catch them
  • It's so hot, you learn that your seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron
  • It's so hot, cows are giving evaporated milk
  • It's so hot, you get condensation on your butt from the water in the toilet bowl
  • It's so hot, I saw a crackhead putting copper back into an air conditioner
  • It's so hot, Jehovah's Witnesses have started telemarketing
  • It's so hot, your car overheats before you even start it
  • It's so hot, I saw a guy with a sign that said, "Will work for shade"

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