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Even in Louisiana, you don't see an alligator every day. Maybe if you live in a bayou somewhere and take a pirogue to work, but for most people it's not normal. Especially in Shreveport.

But 10 years ago, the residents in Shreveport's Queensborough neighborhood had quite an evening when a large alligator was discovered outside their homes. This great video shows us a lot about the story.

First of all, that gator is freaking huge. This isn't a little baby gator, this is a big one that wasn't going away easy. Second, that officer is putting in the work. He got in there and wasn't walking away until he had a gator under his arm. Tremendous form, attitude, and work here.

More than just the work the first responders put in, and the size of the gator, the size of the crowd was cool to see as well. This was honestly some great video to see where a crowd was gathered, police were on the scene...and it was mostly smiles and laughing. Of course it was a relatively serious situation, with a nearly 10 foot gator being in a populated neighborhood, but the mood shown in this video is refreshing.

It solidifies to me that there was a point in time where Shreveport had more of a friendly vibe. Over the last few years, Shreveport has felt more rigid, angry, and frightening. But somewhere deep inside the city, there is the ability to smile and laugh. This video proves its in there somewhere.

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