Townsquare Media's Hit Music Channel, K-94-5 is giving away a pair of Justin Bieber concert tickets during this Saturday's Safe Texting promotional event. And, it's hoped that teens and their parents will take pledges to not text and drive.

That's what the event is all about, according to Lt. Bill Davis with Bossier Sheriff's Department.  It's a combined effort with Townsquare Media, Caddo and Bossier Sheriff's departments and Louisiana State Police.

Distracted driving kills thousands of people each year, and texting while driving is quickly becoming the distraction of choice. Law enforcement suggest it used to be driving under the influence that would steal a driver's attention from the road, but now it's texting on a cell phone.

Some states have laws making it illegal to use a cell phone unless you are using a hands free device.  While Louisiana doesn't have such a law, it's still illegal to text while driving in the Bayou State, and police do give out tickets for that offense.

It's all about keeping our streets safe, Lt. Davis says. And all it takes is one second of looking down at your cell phone and that distraction is enough to do a lot of harm, he said.

Every person who signs a pledge, promising to not text and drive will have a chance to win a pair of Justin Bieber concert tickets. Their names will be in a drawing for the prize.