...that's the question proposed by the Downtown Development Authority, which has released a list of the top nine reasons.  And YOU get to choose the number one thing!  Here are the top nine: 2) the Unwind Downtown Pub and Culture Crawl  3) the James Burton Foundation  4) the McNeill Street Pumping Station Waterworks Museum and its associated music festival  5)  painted advertisements on the sides of older buildings  6) Shreve Memorial Library  7) the recent Zombie Walk  through downtown  8) the Robinson Film Center  9) CoHabitat

DDA Executive Director Liz Swaine says the suggestions for that number one slot have already started pouring in.  They include the Shreveport Farmer's Market, TACA Makers Fair (and the Texas Avenue Community Association), Sci-Port and the Barnwell Garden and Arts Center.  You can log on to the DDA website to voice your opinion.  (My choice, by the way, was the great live music venues downtown.)