Another election season quickly approaches.  Accusations of tampering are already flying.  Stump speeches getting fine tuning and some rehearsal to attentive and supportive ears.  Campaign ads come next.  It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Senate seats, congressional seats, even the Governor's office are all being talked about as those races begin to get settled and heated.

And as we learn of potential candidates for all the seats, many political spectators and even some insiders let their imagination roam into the possibilities of who can fill these seats.

Willie for Congress

One of these ideas that arose recently was for Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson to run for the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Rodney Alexander.

Besides all of the actual politics around it, including accusations that the resignation and special election is designed to favor State Senator Neil Riser, there is plenty of joking about possible contenders for the seat.

Shreveport political consultant Elliott Stonecipher told KEEL News he doesn't expect Willie Robertson would run for office and that this is mostly a publicity ploy for the newest season of 'Duck Dynasty.'

Stonecipher also added that celebrities don't do well in politics, with the only true exception being Ronald Reagan.  Not only that, but Robertson would have to get political resources together.  None of which comes easily.

Plus, would Robertson really want to be a politician?

The possibilities are endless, right?

Could a personality like Moon Griffon take the seat (he freely jokes about never, ever running for public office)?  If you could choose anyone to run, who would it be?