There are plenty of records in professional sports.  Some are somewhat easily broken and some seem unreachable.  So which rare feat will be next?We thought that we were going to see a horse racing feat over the weekend, but those hopes were extinguished when news broke Friday that I’ll Have Another was scratched from the Belmont Stakes. The horse would be retired later that day. Once again we got close to a horse racing Triple Crown, but don’t get to see it. It’s now been 34 years since that accomplishment has been reached.

Some of the unbelievable records in sports are individual, while others are a complete team effort.  It would take one heck of a team to beat the Los Angeles Lakers’ 33-game winning streak in the NBA. In baseball, we had two pitchers earn the triple crown in 2011, which hadn’t happened since 2007. Hitting for a triple crown is even rarer — the last hitter to do it was in 1967.