A man and a woman were arrested over the weekend on separate drinking while driving occurences.  Bossier Sheriff's deputies say 43-year-old Christian Peppard -- of Santa Monica, California -- was reportedly driving all over the road in the Airline Drive area and was stopped by a Bossier deputy for driving over divider cones at Airline and Linton Road. The deputy reports smelling an alcoholic beverage odor on Peppard, who was unsteady on his feet and confessed that he drank too much. He refused the standard field sobriety test three times and was taken into custody for DWI. Inside his vehicle, the deputy found suspected marijuana, rolling papers and an open bottle of whiskey. He was also driving without insurance and with switched license plates. He was booked on numerous charges, including 2nd-offense DWI.

In the other instance, a Bossier deputy saw 37-year-old Yolanda Daniels of Plain Dealing driving erratically on Highway 3 in Plain Dealing -- and with only one working headlight. The deputy reports smelling the strong odor of alcohol -- and Daniels' speech was slurred, and she performed poorly on a field sobriety test. After Daniels was taken into custody, the deputy found an opened can and several unopened cans of beer inside Daniels' car. She refused an Intoxilyzer. She was booked into Bossier Max, charged with DWI, open container, careless operation and driving with one headlight.