Webster Sheriff's deputies were able to diffuse a standoff with a man wanted on felony child molestation charges and end a hostage situation involving a deputy.

The incident began shortly after 9 last night when deputies arrived at a house to arrest 32-year-old Chad Oliver on outstanding charges from Arcadia of molesting a child. But it was nearly two o'clock this morning before the ordeal was over.

Chief Deputy Bobby Igo told me Oliver armed himself and held a deputy hostage, and after negotiating all night long, deputies were able to subdue the man with "the least use of lethal force."

No one was injured except for the suspect himself. He received some minor wounds. He was taken to LSU (Health) with some beanbag wounds, but they are not life-threatening. We were fortunate enough we didn't want to take this guy's life, we didn't want him to take his life, and we sure didn't want him to hurt one of us.

Igo says the owner of the home had no idea that Oliver was going to engage in a hostile confrontation with authorities. More charges will be filed against Oliver after he's released from LSU-Health.

With the recent fatal shooting of two deputies in LaPlace, La., and wounding of two more, Igo told me deputies were acutely concerned during the ordeal, and thankful that Oliver only suffered minor wounds, and those were not from bullets being fired. They were caused by the firing of beanbags.