Senator David Vitter is still not satisfied with the response to the EBT card 'feeding frenzy' at local Walmarts by state officials.

Vitter says state leaders are not doing enough to chase down food stamp abusers tied to the October 14th system glitch.  That glitch made it appear EBT card holders had no limit on their cards, leading to customers clearing the shelves at Springhill and Mansfield Walmarts.

The Republican US Senator had written a letter to Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and DCFS Secretary Suzy Sonnier last week to express his disappointment and frustration.

Sonnier responded with a letter saying the problem is being resolved.

But still, the senator isn't satisfied.

"I think that's outrageous.  It's ridiculous.  Food stamp theft and fraud is a real problem.  If we don't attack an over the top incident like this, how will we ever get it under control?"

Vitter isn't happy that Caldwell and Sonnier have passed the blame onto the US Department of Agriculture.

"The state has full authority over enforcement actions, so asking 'pretty please permission' of the Obama administration is just a setup to be told don't do anything. I think that's a mistake."

Vitter wants to meet with Caldwell and Sonnier, but Caldwell responded in a letter that any crimes committed would be prosecuted by local district attorneys.  But, Vitter says Caldwell can do better.

"Take enforcement action which they have authority to do to disqualify and suspend folks who broke the law in these and also that they set up a task force with local prosecutors to prosecute these folks in appropriate cases."