Louisiana's Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter isn't a fan of the Russian plan for Syria and thinks the delay of the President's push for military action in Syria is politically motivated.

Vitter doesn't have high hopes for a resolution from the Russians.

"I agree with Charles [Boustany] and others.  I would be very surprised if this comes of anything meaningful with the Russians," Vitter explained to 710 KEEL.  "It's certainly worth the discussion, but I'm pretty cynical about the Russians and Putin in particular."

President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday night, saying that he wanted to pause the debate over a military strike in Syria.

"I think the biggest reason for the pause isn't the Russian discussion, but that the Congressional votes aren't there,"  said Vitter. "I'm happy for the pause because I was opposed to the military strike.  I think would have been a mistake for the United States."

No word on exactly what Sen. Vitter believes in the best route or alternative.  White House officials are trying to work with the Russians to take chemical weapons out of the hands of the Syrians, but Syrian officials want the United States to complete take the threat of a military strike off the table.