Reaction is bubbling over the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's health care reform. U.S. Congressman John Fleming, of Minden, says he's disappointed with the ruling, but he says it's not all bad.

He says

The court made it clear that they don't have the power to overturn what the people decide, but Fleming was done in the dark of the night.

Rep.  Fleming, who is also a physician, says he also worked as a businessman, providing insurance to workers and he's concerned that businesses under the new health care law will be  forced to provide coverage at a higher cost and suffer economically.

Fleming told KEEL News that the next item of business for he and his colleagues is repealing the entire health care plan the second week of July.  He says if efforts to halt enactment of the government mandated plan fail, then voters in November will "veto"  President Obama and lawmakers who support the law.

Fleming says even though the high court found in favor of the Constitution by not overreaching their authority and overturning the people's decision, the law is not what Americans want. (Two thirds of voters are still against government mandated health care).

"It was done in the dark of the night..." Fleming said, referring to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and democrats passing the plan without bipartisan support.

Fleming says this is another entitlement plan that he compared to Medicaid and Medicare - another government program that taxpayers will have to fund.

"The court said it doesn't matter if the law is a bad thing, or a good thing, if the people want it, it's okay," Fleming said.


"The people want their representatives and a new president to restore the marketplace of health care."

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