Should Shreveport use $280,000 of Red River Waterway Commission money to fund a dog park on the Riverfront?  City Council members were to take up the issue at a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Dog Park Alliance spokeswoman Cynthia Keith says the language has to be re-worded because it was based on old maps and wasn't accurate.  The resolution already has been read, but it needs to be amended to read "7.5 acres of land - not 5.7 acres."

After today's action, the proposal may be voted on at the next council meeting. Here's how the current resolution is worded:

Resolution authorizing the execution of a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Red River Waterway District and the Caddo Parish relative to the construction and maintenance of a dog park on approximately 5.7 acres of land adjacent to the Red River in Shreveport and to otherwise provide with respect thereto.

Even if the council approves the agreement, the mayor has to sign it and Mayor Cedric Glover has said there are other projects in Shreveport that are more deserving of funds from the Red River Waterway Commission.

This morning, I noticed people walking, jogging and fishing along the Riverfront and asked them what they think about a dog park.

One lady said she's against it because there are other more important issues that need to be addressed in Shreveport - "like fixing potholes."

One man, who said he was a teacher and a coach, has traveled to many other cities and they all have dog parks. He admitted he didn't know all of the particulars as far as funding such a venture in Shreveport, but he says he definitely thinks " if everyone else has one, I don't see why we shouldn't."

Another man, who is a retired teacher and is also retired from Barksdale Air Force Base, says he wants a dog park  because it would give pets a place of their own, and would make it more inviting for people who want to take a stroll without stepping in...well you know, "a big surprise."

What do YOU think?