History often repeats itself, especially in domestic violence cases. Michael Scott Salley killed his estranged wife Gwen Salley a couple if hours after kidnapping her.

But this wasn't the first time Michael Salley had threatened to kill his wife. Earlier in the week, he gained entry to her home and pulled a gun on her, telling her he was going to kill her and then kill himself.

Gwen was able to text a message for help and DeSoto Parish deputies showed up at the Grand Cane home and arrested him. But he was released on a $50,000 bond.

Turn the clock back to 1999. Perhaps you remember the domestic violence case outside the Summit Hospital in south Bossier? On January 12 of that year, Bossier paramedic Charles Salley shot his ex-girlfriend 38 year old Michelle Riley in the parking lot of the hospital. He also grabbed his 3-year-old daughter, Miranda Salley, from his car and shot her.

Police killed Charles Salley when he pointed the gun at them. Michelle Riley’s friends and family have been fighting for tougher domestic abuse laws ever since.

The Shreveport Times reports:

For more than a year after Miranda’s death, her face was on billboards across the city as her death during a domestic dispute was used to hammer the message of the seriousness of domestic abuse and where victims could get help.

"It's hard to explain domestic violence to people," Wanda Anglin said. "It's a blight on our society but it's uncomfortable for people to talk about. They don't want to talk about it."

In the tragedy this week, we have learned Gwen Salley filed for divorce April 15 in DeSoto District Court. Gwen Salley asked to be the domiciliary parent, with Michael Salley given weekend visits with their seven year old daughter. A hearing was set for May 19 in the divorce case.