U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) did an interview with conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday just after he finished doing his 21-hour filibuster against President Obama’s health care law.

Cruz made some remarks at his fellow Republicans for abandoning him in the fight saying his fellow GOPers are "beaten down" by past legislative battles and allowing Obamacare to remain the law of the land.

While talking with Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the senator was accused of "theater."

"Michael Barone, as soon as you finished, accused you of engaging in theater, and that you knew it, and that you knew there's no way you had any prayer of accomplishing what you want to accomplish," said Limbaugh. "Others have said that you're just fundraising and you're making it look like you're doing something substantive, but it's just theater."

Cruz responded, "Well, you know, one of the approaches that those who want to maintain the status quo -- who want to make sure Obamacare stays funded, who wanted to avoid any risks, one of the approaches they do -- is they try to make this all about people. They try to make it all about personalities. And listen: Most Americans could not care less about any politician in Washington. They don't care about me; they don't care about anybody else either. And what is utterly maddening about all of these reporters is what do they write about all day long? They write about the process. They write about the horse race. They write about this personality or the other. They act like Hollywood gossip columnists writing about bickering. I mean, how many times have you and I both read the words 'Republican civil war' in the past week? 'Cause that's what they like to write about."

"And, listen, what I tried to spend much of the filibuster all but begging the media to do... In fact, I explicitly said, 'Listen. All right, you guys can't resist writing something about the process, something about that silliness. But let me just ask you: 50% of what you write, discuss the substance of how Obamacare is the number one job killer in the country, how millions of Americans are suffering, how it's forcing people into part-time work, how it's threatening millions of Americans' health insurance."

Cruz was exhausted, but remained through two commercial breaks talking to Limbaugh before saying he needed to go and take a nap.