A couple of robbers got a taste of their own medicine.  

It all started when a Shreveport man offered his iPhone-5 for sale on Craigslist.  He was contacted by a potential buyer and arranged to meet that person in a parking lot on Youree Drive.  There, he was approached by two young men who asked to see the phone.  When he showed it to them, one snatched it from his hand and they took off running.

Shortly afterwards, the victim noticed that they had listed his phone for sale on Craigslist, too.  So he posed as a buyer and arranged to meet them in the Wal-Mart lot at Youree and Bert Kouns.  But, before he did, he called Shreveport Police.  They found the guys -- with the iPhone -- and arrested them.  18-year-old Lorenzo Huglon was booked into the city jail on one count of simple robbery.  His companion, a 16-year-old, was booked into the Caddo Juvenile Detention Center on the same charge.