Two Arkansas women are in jail for shoplifting at several Bossier City stores. 

Nefretiri Akosua Carter/BCPD

Police say two women were spotted taking a purse and wallet from a display rack at Dillard's in Pierre Bossier Mall before leaving the store and driving off.  Officers located their car on I-20 near Hamilton Road a short time later, and recovered stolen merchandise.

The goods were believed to have been taken not just at the mall, but also from Wal-mart and Stage stores in Bossier City, and a Wal-mart store in Camden, Arkansas.  Items included clothing and accessories, four computers and a DVD player, with a total value of around $4,800.

Police have charged 19-year-old Emerald Cheatham and 22-year-old Nefretiri Carter of El Dorado with theft of goods and illegal possession of stolen things.