Concerned that those creme-filled sponge cakes would be gone forever?  Don't fret.  Company officials say they'll be back soon.

The cakes were produced by Hostess for decades, becoming a familiar sight in many families' pantries.  Hostess filed for bankruptcy after negotiations with one of its labor unions fell apart.

Hostess was liquidated, with assets like Wonder Bread and Drake's Cakes bought up by other companies.  A new Hostess company will be making Twinkies and its sibling products in a more efficient and lower cost operation.

It was not too long ago when many here in Shreveport and Bossier were mourning the loss of these golden sponge cakes.

When Twinkies make their return July 15th, they will have a new tagline that reads "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever."

Will you be buying Twinkies when they return?