A local restaurant is celebrating National Bacon Day a little late with a special combination of two things a lot of Louisiana residents love -- bacon...and beer!

Twine Shreveport owner Rick Rose says he started launching new bacon items and the customers were loving them, and they were ordering beer to go with them. That's how he came up with the idea. It does seem a bit unusual for him to be promoting this event, though.

"You're speaking to a vegetarian, so it's a little strange for me to be talking about it," Rose says. "But my uncle is a butcher from Wisconsin, so I've been around pork all the time. And there are some fun things you can do with it. It's advanced. It's not just a breakfast food, as you know."

Rose says one of the pairings is pure bacon dipped in chocolate, with a surprise dessert, and apple cider to go with it. He says ciders have started to make a big splash over the past couple of years, and he'll have two available -- pear and a hard-pressed apple. Another one of his pairings is a beer with a hazelnut taste to it, combined with pork belly topped with blueberry au jus.

He says he's finding a trend in beers here like you wouldn't believe. "Louisiana people like to drink no matter what it is they're drinking. And we love to stretch people beyond their comfort zones," Rose says.

So how does he come up with all these interesting and off-the-wall combinations? Rose tells us he's got a whole culinary team to bounce ideas off of, and he's the liquor connoisseur. "Like being a vegetarian, I didn't drink alcohol until I moved to Louisiana," he says. "Then I started drinking a lot of alcohol. So 14 years not drinking, I came here and I loved all the new trends. I've got a kind of flavor profile for most liquors, most beers, most wine."

Rose tells his team what flavors he's sensing in the drinks, and they help him match it with a particular food. He adds that he does taste the meats, he just doesn't swallow them -- similar to wine-tasting.

If you want to be part of the event, you have two options to choose from. You can get four food samplers, beer and cider for $25, or a full-on lunch with four courses -- from appetizer to dessert -- plus beer and cider for $35.

Everything's going on at noon tomorrow.  You can RSVP with PayPal HERE, or call the Twine Hotline to make your reservation at 759-7673.