A 10 percent tuition hike has been approved by the State Community and Technical College Board, which will boost tuition at Bossier Parish Community College by about $160 dollars per semester for the average student.

BPCC Chancellor Dr. Jim Henderson tells KEEL News even with the fee increase, a Community College education at is still quite a value. He says BPCC has more than 8500 students and this increase will bring in nearly $2 million dollars a year to the local college.

Henderson plans to use the money to improve the student experience and keep class sizes small.

"These resources are going to be invaluable to us to make sure that the student experience remains the best in the country," says Dr. Henderson.

This will also mean more jobs at BPCC.

"We are looking at hiring at least five math professors and some additional science and nursing professors," Henderson tells KEEL News. "The goal is to keep class sizes small."

The increased tuition goes into effect this fall.

BPPC is the second largest Community College in Louisiana, with more than 8,500 students. Delgado in New Orleans has more than 18,000 students.