Halloween is generally a holiday where good-spirited children dress up as their favorite superheroes or a spooky, scary creature.But then there are some costumes that are at best very questionable.

Boston Marathon Bombing Victim

Nothing screams insensitivity more than making fun of, demeaning, or mocking a victim of any incident, let alone a victim of a terrorist attack.  But one Michigan woman "went there" and dressed up as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim.


22-year-old Alicia Lynch realized the error in her ways after a boat load of death threats to her and her family.  She told Buzzfeed, “I myself have been through tragic events, I just handle mine differently because that is how I was taught to. I realize I was in the wrong with this and again, I am truly sorry."

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Caitlin Cimino of Massachusetts got fired for being in a photo with two gentlemen dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, as well as a few other more improper photos online.


A convicted felon dressed up in backface and a blood-spattered sweatshirt to be Trayvon Martin.  Greg Cimino dressed as George Zimmerman.

Since many people were outraged by the photo, the internet dug up a lot of info about the woman, including other unfavorable comments online, her license plate number, and even where she worked.

The forces of the internet contacted her employer about her actions and was swiftly fired.

The KKK Costume...

A Virginia woman allowed her 7-year-old son to dress up in a Ku Klux Klan costume.


The child's brother had worn the costume in previous years and the child thought the costume was 'cool'.

The mother stands by her actions, but did warn her son before he went trick-or-treating that people may talk about him because of his costume choice.  She also stood by the KKK.

Have you seen any bad Halloween costumes?