If you are thinking about a big trip this summer, you might want to take a look at this list of the Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities.

Most of these cities are not likely on your bucket list, but if they are: beware.

A travel website has evaluated some of the biggest in the world and has issued a caution about visiting these dangerous cities.

Barquisimeto, Venezuela reports a murder a day. It boasts a million residents and several universities. In years past, it was a popular tourist destination, but now it's on our "do not visit" list.

Peshawar, Pakistan is another dangerous hot spot. Tribes and warlords can be found fighting in the streets and innocent bystanders can get caught in the crossfire. Peshawar does have spectacular landmarks and parks, but its much too risky during these turbulent times.

Sana’a, Yemen is the capitol of a very unstable country. This is considered one of the most dangerous places in the  world. The U.S. has helped try to bring stability, but it is still way too risky to try to visit.

Acapulco, Mexico was is on my bucket list, but I think that's going to have to wait. Acapulco was once a popular tourist stop, even drawing lots of honeymooners. Today, you will find gorgeous beaches with very few travelers. The big problem comes from the drug cartels that roam the streets of this enchanting city.

Acapulco Travel and Tourism

Distrito Central, Honduras has a major crime problem with one of the highest murder rates around the globe. Poverty is a massive problem along with a heavy Mafia presence and widespread corruption. Avoid this place completely!

Maceió, Brazil is the most dangerous in Brazil which has 14 of the world’s most violent cities. It's sad to learn about the dangers of Brazil while the world is watching the fantastic World Cup. The city is by far the most dangerous in the country, topping even Rio de Janeiro which is filled with slums.

Mogadishu, Somalia is struggling with city militants, making the area unsafe for  tourists. The United States did send in military advisors last year, but the region is still quite volatile.

Nairobi, Kenya  has a long history continent of violence and war. Nairobi is noted in the report as very dangerous for women.

Chihuahua, Mexico  might be on your bucket list, but you probably should scratch it off. Cocaine smuggling is big business in this region and vacationers could easily get caught in the crossfire between the big money drug cartels. Avoid even passing through!!

Cali, Columbia  is another dangerous city in Latin America and for good reason. It's the same problem: dangerous drug cartels control much of the city which has one of the highest murder rates in the region.

It's good to know that no U.S. cities make the list. You'll also be pretty safe in Europe and Asia.