The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance is trying to keep the dog park issue in the forefront.  And tonight, the group's leaders are holding a fundraiser at Mojo's at the corner of Texas and Spring in downtown Shreveport.

Alliance leader Cynthia Keith says it features live music from The Bone Dancers, a special "bone" drink, and several funny bone contests.  "Not funnybone contests," Keith says.  "Funny BONE contests."  For example, a game where participants have a relay with a large bone...and you can't carry it with your hands.  And a "hide the bone" contest, with the audience guiding couples in finding a bone hidden somewhere in the room.  I will be one of the guest judges...and don't think I'm not going to be tough!

Everything gets kicked off at 7:30, with the band starting at 8. You're asked to bring a monetary donation (any amount will do!) when you go.